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Agile and integrated sales & operations planning

Automate sales planning with our solution and 

seamlessly integrate the business into a holistic S&OP approach

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Agiles und integriertes Sales & Operations Planning

Mit unserer Lösung die Vertriebsplanung automatisieren und das 

Geschäft nahtlos in einen ganzheitlichen S&OP-Ansatz integrieren

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) -

Rolling sales and capacity planning?

The markets are changing faster and faster. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to accurately forecast future needs. But this is important in order to develop and manufacture products in line with requirements in order to guarantee the profitability of the company. Reliable sales planning is therefore a central prerequisite for all further steps in operational planning and production of the respective product.
Another step is the specific capacity planning . This procedure is used to determine the desired production volume per unit of time, including the necessary materials, machines and workers. Capacity planning uses the measurement of capacity utilization with the aim of ensuring that the maximum production volume is actually sold . Control variables are an integral part of planning and can be used to identify deviations from the plan and initiate appropriate corrections. 


Sales & Operations Planning
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Sales & Operations Planning
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If you are currently struggling with planning silos and insufficiently coordinated planning using Excel or other planning solutions and are looking for a solution for your integrated planning, you are absolutely at the right place. A modern planning solution for the sales and production area requires a uniform and powerful database and coordinated processes in order to do justice to the complexity of planning.

The celver solution for sales & operations

Integrated sales & operations planning is an excellent means of dealing comprehensively with increasing market complexities . We help you visualiseanalyse and coordinate your planning processes. All process steps in sales & operations planning can be supported with a uniform data model in an environment based on the board on a rolling basis and using modern methods.

Features at a glance:

Determination of a coordinated rolling sales plan, itaking into account stocks, product portfolio changes and automatic projections

Conversion of sales planning into requirements planning using production-related parameters such as parts lists and work plans

Driver-based planning and analysis of the available capacity

Comparison of sales and capacity planning and determination of bottlenecks

Top-down planning of the financial specifications and comparison with the operational planning

Calculation of sales and contribution margin planning based on the agreed quantities

Process support through workflow and integrated chat functions

Calculate, create, analyze and evaluate scenarios


Integrated corporate planning using the example of S&OP

In this web session, we will use the example of sales & operations planning to address why your planning should be integrated, agile and flexible. See for yourself how to automate sales planning and seamlessly integrate operations from inventory strategies to capacity plans and production plans into a holistic S&OP approach.


The benefit

Practical template

The celver Sales & Operations module is a template with many pre-configured solutions for the simple and automated determination of a coordinated sales and operations plan. It combines the three key areas of finance, sales and production / purchasing by means of direct integration and workflow coordination. The module is very well suited as a starter kit to get your project off the ground quickly.

Easy to use

The solution can be installed in a few simple steps. It then takes over the existing data such as sales and turnover data, order and production stocks as well as production parameters such as parts lists and work plans and can therefore start with just a few configurations. Use the options of automatically calculating sales volumes from historical data, the storage of production parameters for calculating required resources and many other options.


With a variety of comment options in the individual planning steps, you increase the quality of your sales and operating plan and create significantly more transparency and trust. Using integrated chat functions, you can further expand the direct exchange of detailed information and document it historically.

Integration of those involved in the planning

Workflow allows you to involve all those taking part in planning in a rolling monthly process in sales and production planning. Sales, production / service, purchasing and of course controlling. This gives you quick coordination and greater precision in the forecast of your sales and contribution margin development.

All data under control

With the celver Sales & Operations module, you can create a uniform plan on a uniform database that includes both actual and planned figures. This also enables a continuous analysis of all information and an end-to-end view of your entire value creation cycle.

Analysis and reporting

Analysis and reports that are pre-configured and expandable in the module ensure quick transparency. The uniform database guarantees reliable information. Comparisons to the previous month are also shown in order to identify deviations and take appropriate measures.

Board & celver - A success story with outstanding teams

The process

The parts

Rolling sales plan

Rolling plan with automatic transfer of the previous planning round

Use of predictive analytics to determine automatic suggested values for the coming months based on past data

Use of forecast quality criteria to determine the appropriate starting point for a new planning round

Dissolution of the order backlog as part of the overall plan (shift model)

Planning of new products and offshoots, taking campaigns into account

Top-down and bottom-up planning, including workflow and merging of planning into a uniform sales plan

Supply plan 

Driver-based planning of capacities (machines, materials, workplaces, ...)

Dissolution of the stocks

Determination of the required capacities on the basis of the approved sales plan using work plans and parts lists

Visual comparison of capacity requirements and demand

Identify production plan and bottlenecks

Planning of the warehouse portfolio and statistical determination of the inventory corridor, including optimal lot sizes for production

Identification and resolution of bottlenecks by dissolving or creating reserves and setting overtime

Evaluation and comparison with the financial plan

Planning of top-down sales on different levels of the article and customer hierarchy (multi-dimensional planning)

Planning of price-quantity effects and thus deriving the sales quantities from sales planning for comparison with operational and capacity planning

Evaluation of target and actual figures down to article and customer level

Calculation of contribution margins for customers and customer clusters (ABC) as well as products and product hierarchy levels

Finalisation and approval

Workflow-supported planning in all areas

Visual overview of the current status in the areas of finance, sales and production / supply chain

Direct communication via integrated chat functionality for quick comparison of planning values

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