Takko Fashion

Smarter fashion retailing thanks to category and assortment planning by celver

Takko Fashion

To stay on track for growth in the fashion market, you need not only high-volume omni-channel retailing, but also efficient merchandise and item planning. Takko Fashion saw potential for optimisation here, because up to now planning was done with great manual effort in Excel. However, Takko Fashion did not want to throw Takko-specific planning processes overboard, so they were looking for a new tool that, on the one hand, integrates planning, analysis and reporting in a uniform platform and, on the other hand, has the flexibility to optimally map its own business processes.

After exploring the market, Takko decided to introduce the all-in-one platform BOARD together with the planning experts from celver AG in order to develop an integrated solution for merchandise and range planning. The Merchandise Financial Planning solution went live after just three months. This was followed by the implementation of the range planning with a direct interface to the order management. Today, the end-to-end solution ensures significantly more efficient goods control and assortment planning.

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"It was amazing how quickly the solution with BOARD was implemented by celver in close cooperation with us. We had very special requirements for the MFP solution and, to be honest, we were surprised that we no longer had to plan the next season with Excel."

Bernhard Westphal, Senior Director Planning & Allocation at Takko Fashion

Branch: Fashion retailer

Headquarter in Telgte

Almost 18,000 employees

Almost 1,900 branches in 17 countries



Takko Fashion offers casual fashion for the whole family. The company sees itself as a smart discounter, relies on omni-channel and lets its customers decide for themselves how, where and when to buy their fashion. With almost 1,900 branches in 17 countries and almost 18,000 employees worldwide, Takko Fashion is one of the largest fashion discounters in Europe. With a large variety of products and strong own brands, Takko Fashion focuses on an unlimited shopping experience in omni-channel retail.


Historically, an Excel landscape had grown at Takko, which, due to constant expansion, produced more and more inconsistencies in planning. This increased the manual effort required to keep the management summary board error-free. "Especially in view of the ever increasing amounts of data, we reached the limits of what was feasible in Excel," explains Bernhard Westphal, Senior Director Planning & Allocation at Takko Fashion. "Just consider our range planning, in which we have several thousand articles, that became quite simply
confusing in Excel, which at the same time increased the susceptibility to errors."

The new tool should adapt as flexibly as possible to the planning processes at Takko and not the other way around. "It quickly became clear to us that we had very high expectations when selecting the software. The tool should enable us to have integrated goods and article planning with a single point of truth and a look & feel, provide analysis and reporting functions and also be flexible enough that we can map our processes as optimally as possible."


In order to obtain the most detailed overview possible of the tools under consideration, Takko Fashion invited various vendors and consulting firms to a series of PoCs ("proof of concepts"), including mapping Takko's specific building block logic, automatic distribution and lot calculation of quantities for the stores. "In the PoC, celver convinced us the most with its all-in-one platform Board; on the one hand, because celver's planning experts understand the fashion & retail industry comprehensively and, on the other hand, because they gave us as customers the impression that with Board they were developing exactly the solution for merchandise and item planning that would take our specific requirements into account," says Bernhard Westphal. Takko and celver started implementing the Merchandise Financial Planning solution (MFP) and within three months the merchandise planning went live. It includes sales, incoming goods, inventory and margin planning with a rolling forecast with over 50, in some cases highly complex, key figures. "It was amazing how quickly the solution with Board was implemented by celver in close cooperation with us," says Bernhard Westphal. We had very special requirements for the MFP solution and, to be honest, we were surprised that we no longer had to plan the next season with Excel." Following the MFP project, the Assortment Planning solution was implemented with a direct interface to the product and order management system. "From the very beginning, it was important for us not only to have an isolated planning solution, but also an interface to the operative system, so that we can see the plan in Board on the one hand, but on the other hand we can also analyze the current actual figures, which allows us to map a plan-actual comparison in one system only," says Bernhard Westphal. “Numerous providers offer simple planning solutions, but few systems can see where are we, what we have planned and what are we currently planning to do? That really brings us forward in product range planning, especially if this is supported by fast-paced bum and potential analyzes as well as OTB management as in Board."

Customer benefits

In addition to higher data quality and data consistency, Takko Fashion also expected the Board solution, with which more than 100 users are now working, to increase agility and reduce the workload for everyone involved. "We used to use three different systems for assortment planning alone, but now it's all combined in one system," says Bernhard Westphal.

Beate Döker, IT manager in the project, adds: "The cooperation with celver in this very heterogeneous system environment was uncomplicated from the beginning, but at the same time very professional. In the end, several complex sub-projects had to be synchronised with our supplying data warehouse and the connected product and order management system. Right from the start, this took place on a working level that was well-structured and based on partnership."

Less susceptibility to errors due to a single point of truth, higher automation due to integrated workflow control, more detailed planning and simulations, these are just some of the benefits why the Board solution has fully met Takko Fashion's expectations. “Above all, the close cooperation between celver and our employees was very fruitful during the course of the project. We appreciate the spirit of celver to combine technical know-how with tool competence in a solution-centered consulting. This simply gave everyone involved a good feeling of working with the right partner," says Bernhard Westphal.

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