Process Mining

While your spaghetti may look like this,

your processes shouldn't!

While it is fine for our spaghetti to look like this,

your processes better not!

Untangle your processes

How you can optimise your business processes with previously unused data

Process mining: Waste of resources or a treasure trove of data?

In many companies, extremely valuable data is simply lying around unused: Transaction or event logs, for example, from ERP, CRM, production control or the ticket system. This data is usually available anyway, but is neglected and often basically only eats up system resources. They form the basis for generating a comprehensive digital view of business processes with comparatively little effort and immediately deriving measures for optimization.

The challenge – undetected deviations from processes

Once a business process has been defined, it is tacitly assumed that it will later be lived in this way or at least in a very similar way. In fact, external influences, special cases, errors or even qualification deficits lead to an abundance of various deviations from the standard process. Without technical support it is practically impossible to recognise these deviations in detail, to state the consequences for quality, costs and throughput times and to derive suitable measures. Process mining technology offers all of this, making processes understandable, analyzable and assessable on the basis of their digital footprint.

Planned process
ACTUAL process

In most companies, the core of BI landscapes is the analysis of rigid key figures. How the value of a key figure comes about, what it essentially means and how the process on which it is based is optimised is rarely questioned.

Process mining offers immense potential to improve the quality of key figures and thus to make the management of companies more successful.

Process mining can also address the cause and not just - as is so often the case - the symptom. We are now no longer just analyzing the result in the form of conventional KPIs, but rather the process that led to this result.

With the help of process visualizations and benchmarks, runtime analyzes and compliance checks, we can identify developments before they influence the result.

In four steps to the finished process mining app

Getting started with process mining is basically no big deal. The data is usually available, the experts are in-house and the tools usually offer templates that allow initial evaluations. The tool providers have already prepared content and ready-made data models for many standard business processes, meaning that meaningful analyzes can be carried out in four simple steps:

1. Step

Data extract of the event log from source system(s)

2. Step

Enrichment with additional information from ERP or BI applications

3. Step

Data import into the process mining tool

4. Step

Adaptation of a standard template to the specific case

Digital Footprint

Analysis of the actual process using a completely data-based approach based on the transaction log files from the underlying source systems.

Activity analysis

The basis of all process mining applications is the event log. It is made up of all individual actions and can be enriched with any number of attributes (e.g. material, location, supplier, customer).

Process Controlling

Management and controlling of the process in an adapted template app, definition and measurement of relevant KPIs, analysis of process disruptions and variants, implementation of benchmarks , deriving measures.

Our range: We bring light into the darkness of your process worlds

Innovative technologies, combined with the extensive business process knowledge of our consultants, offer a completely new view of your company. With tools that are perfectly tailored to the application, process mining becomes child’s play and your process can be experienced.


2-hour briefing

Process Mining:
technology und
possible uses

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Your process mining concept is already well established, but you are unsure which tool is best for you? We support you with technical expertise and broad business process knowledge.


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Proof of Concept (PoC)

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From process selection and scoping to data definition and preparation to the finished process mining application, we will start a test balloon together with you.

Quite simply, it’s an innovative, data-driven approach to an ancient analog problem: How can I fully visualise and understand my highly complex ACTUAL process at the transaction level with all individual activities and which levers do I have to turn to make it as efficient as possible? It used to be an impossibility, now it’s quick and easy with Process Mining. Smart, right?
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