Price Management

Run or pass?

Proper strategies for pricing and discounts.

Price Management

Lauf oder Passspiel?
Richtige Strategien für Preise und Rabatte.

Price Management

Prices and discounts have a direct impact on the company’s results and are important criteria for customers’ purchasing decisions. With methods, processes and tools, Celver can provide support from the definition of the list price to cash discounts, bonuses, reimbursements and net-net Decisions on pricing such as discount structures should not be made from the “gut” as much as from one be a well-structured process. This is based not only on the internal cost structures and margins, but above all on the competitiveness of the products in the various markets and segments. Simulate the effects of your decisions based on past and budget figures and thus actively control your sales organization.

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Discount management

Discounts, bonuses, graduated discounts, special discounts, discounts in kind … in B2B business there are often no limits to creativity. Flexible discount structures are important tools for sales. But are the effects on the result always transparent? Are there enough provisions for the annual reimbursement? With defined workflows, various discounts can be applied for at various levels of the article and customer structure, and the results can be simulated and approved. With analysis, planning, process control and “what-if” simulation in an orchestrated, integrated solution, discount management becomes easier and better!


Setting the right price is a strategic success factor. Is the price calculated as a surcharge or are competitor prices systematically collected and taken into account? Are prices defined globally or is price segmentation carried out depending on the customer and article cluster, for example with surcharges and discounts? Clustering methods can make a valuable contribution here in order not to get lost in the details. The definition of the base price and leading article can also be an important simplification in the pricing process. Via the leading article, for example, prices are passed on to the followers according to defined rules (packaging size, variants, etc.). Important plausibility checks can be stored, such as checking price bands or violation of the target margin.

The benefit

Integrate quantities and price planning

The planning of prices and discounts is often directly linked to the quantity planning and also to the financial planning. From our experience, you benefit directly from integrated price and quantity planning for your S&OP as well as for your financial and marketing planning.


Do not only integrate internal information about quantities and costs, but also incorporate external information into the determination of the correct price and discount structure. Keep track of optimal pricing


The price and discount structures are different. Percentage, absolute, natural ... Use the flexibility of the solution to map your structures and analyze their effects.

Automate discount investigations

Determining the discounts is often a complex process with contractual backgrounds. Which target attainment lead to which discounts for which customers. Save the parameters and automate the determination of the discounts achieved and planned. Simulate the changes on a global level.


Use the graphical options to analyze your data in detail. Price-quantity effects, the analysis of price developments or assortment comparisons can be created easily and conveniently.

Control pricing using workflows

Often many people are involved in the entire creation process, and they have to be coordinated within the framework of integrated planning. Workflows and status give you an overview of the entire price management.

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