Our data sources have changed ...

Unsere Datenquellen haben sich verändert...


The potential is bigger than you think …

What is data today? EVERYTHING! Machine and sensor data, social media content such as texts, images or videos as well as motion profiles or IoT in general, the list of examples is almost endless. Almost everything can be mapped in data and is either already available or can be recorded with manageable effort.

We owe the fact that this is possible to the rapid development of the available data sources, also known today as “modern data sources”. There are now a large number of connectors that can be easily integrated into data processing processes. 

> Which of the following data sources do you know?

This is only a small selection of data sources that can be connected.

  TDWI Webinar with celver und Dremio

Data Lake Engine – is the data warehouse era really coming to an end?


Dremio has fundamentally developed the concept of the Data Lake Engine. However, these advantages must be used correctly. Is the Data Lake Engine the missing piece of the puzzle in the modern data analytics platform?

Smart Data Solutions with Microsoft Azure -
Our offer on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The challenge - what is the right solution for me?

The greater number of options, the greater the challenge of making the right choice. The limiting factor today is too much choice rather than the lack of it. The usefulness and the potential of data-driven approaches are often not easy to prove. This leads to the following questions:

What added value can I generate?

What possibilities and sources are there?

How can I approach the subject?

Unser Angebot: In kleinen Schritten zum Erfolg

Hier bieten wir Ihnen den richtigen Einstieg. Überzeugt davon, dass nicht immer die allumfassende Top-Down Digitalisierungsstrategie der erste Schritt sein muss, haben wir kleine Pakete geschnürt, mit denen Sie sich der Herausforderung schrittweise nähern können. 

in kleinen Schritten zum Erfolg

Ein agiler Bottom-up Ansatz!

Nicht das passende dabei? Sprechen Sie uns trotzdem gerne an. Wir finden einen Ansatz, wie wir Sie unterstützen können.


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Our offer: Small steps to success

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Here we offer you the right start. Convinced that the all-encompassing top-down digitalisation strategy does not always have to be the first step, we have put together small packages that allow you to approach the challenge gradually. 

Small steps to success

An agile bottom-up approach!


2-day workshop

You already have a set of
data or some sources with a wide variety of data? We develop ideas with you on how to create added value from it.

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Modern Data Sources

1-day workshop

What are modern data sources
and which ones exist in your company? We will show you ways to use modern data sources for your benefit.

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Potential of social media data

2-day workshop

What social media data can
be used? What potential is contained? Here you will discover new data sources for your business and learn how to use them properly.

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IoT with MS Azure

1 -day workshop

Discover the possibilities
of Azure for implementing
IoT scenarios. We show you
by means of a live example how
you realize an IOT use case.

Not what you are looking for? Please feel free to contact us anyway. We will find an approach that will work for you.


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  Video On Demand


With the Azure Synapse analytics service, Microsoft promises limitless possibilities. We discuss what that means.

Learn what Azure Synapse can offer you and why it might be worth making the switch in the future.

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