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HR Planning

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HR management

This is how you get your personnel resources and personnel costs under control!
When planning human resources, companies are facing ever greater challenges. This includes a shortage of skilled workers and new job demands of the younger generation. Qualified workers represent a strategic success factor in the increasing competition. Comprehensive personnel planning includes not only conventional tasks such as updating employee numbers or short-term personnel adjustments, but also strategic goals. This is how companies determine which employees they need in which places and times. This planning must take various development scenarios into account and define suitable measures. This requires regular coordination with overarching strategy processes. The planning of human resources is a strategic success factor in the face of increasing competition. In addition to flexible modeling of your requirements, the celver HR module also offers topics such as capacity planning. Among other things, the predicted personnel requirements and offers as well as the locations and business areas with expected challenges must be taken into account. A tailor-made personnel planning process can make a significant contribution to control.

The challenges

Is your personnel planning a complex process with several approval and coordination loops? Is this process currently mapped primarily by MS Excel or is your current solution rigid and inflexible?

Would you like an end-to-end solution from determining capacity to approval and integrated personnel cost calculation? Then our module is exactly the right solution for you.

"If we used to need several weeks for HR planning with Excel, we are now through with the HR forecast after four days, for example." - Timo Welling, Head of Controlling at the Eucon Group

Board & celver - A success story with outstanding teams

The celver personnel planning module

The module is based on the platform board as well as on the experience of various projects in the HR area. On the one hand, the solution offers flexible modeling of the approval workflow and individual capacity planning. Already preconfigured complex arithmetic units (e.g. calculation of the GSA) for the personnel cost calculation enable a quick use of the solution.

Features at a glance

Closing the gap between CPM solutions and payroll

Uniform process and defined approvals

Employee events such as a change of department, anniversary, birthday, ...

Delimitation of Christmas bonuses, bonus payments, vacation pay, ...

Transparent database for planning and analyzing all personnel-relevant data

Simulation options, e.g. how does the collective agreement work

Integration in the entire corporate planning process Maintenance of new organizational structures

The use

Practical template

The celver HR module is a preconfigured solution for planning personnel resources and personnel costs, which has arisen from the experience of a wide variety of projects. The module is ready for immediate use and offers you full cost control thanks to its fixed price.

Easy to use

The solution can be installed in a few simple steps. It then takes over the existing master and transaction data via the EXCEL interface from previous systems such as SAP, LOGA, Accurat, Paisy. Once the framework conditions have been defined, the user can plan quickly and easily, and receive the results immediately across all levels. An automatic upload of master and transaction data can be expanded upon request.

Precise planning and control

The employee master data is taken from the wage and salary system, as well as wage and time types for previous accounting periods. From this, the celver HR module creates a proposal plan that the user can easily adapt to allow scenarios to be calculated.

Framework conditions taken into account

Whether social security contributions or income thresholds, vacation or Christmas bonuses, collective agreements or planned wage increases, capital-building benefits or bonus payments - the celver HR module automatically integrates this information.

All data under control

With the celver HR module, companies take account of changes in performance, anniversaries, transfers, or entries and exits. So you always have an overview of your employees.

Analysis and reporting

Analyzes and reports preconfigured and expandable in the module ensure quick transparency. The uniform database guarantees reliable information. PLAN-ACTUAL comparisons are also shown in order to identify deviations and take appropriate measures.

Case Study Eucon-Gruppe

More transparency and high forecast accuracy through the HR module from celver.

Fast implementation, great key figures, efficient workflow control - the HR module from celver opened our eyes to how we can optimally map our individual HR planning processes in a preconfigured system. - Timo Welling, Head of Controlling at Eucon- group

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The process

The parts

Data transfer

  • Employee master data (entry, health insurance, master cost center, etc.)
  • Historical data (employee, general ledger account, wage type, month, amount

Maintenance parameters

  • Update type per G / L account
  • Contribution assessment ceilings
  • Company sizes
  • Master data employees

Planning masks

  • Planning from an employee perspective
  • Planning from an accounts perspective


  • Lock / freeze data on different levels
  • Transfer to cost center planning

Analysis / test screens (ACTUA/PLAN)

  • Cost analysis
  • Number of employees/FTE



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