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Financial planning as an integrated element

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Die Finanzplanung als integriertes Element

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Financial planning as an integrating element

Financial planning includes everything from strategic business planning to detailed cost center planning and brings together the results of operational and customer-oriented planning.

It is, therefore, a core element of company management. It is especially important to be able to access the detailed data in order to be able to understand the planning assumptions for the financial data.


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Financial planning is still considered to be the mother of all planning. But often it comes across as a bit antiquated with the focus on accounts and cost centers. However, the objective of financial planning is not the planning itself. Rather, it should make the financial effects of the dynamics in the company visible and integrate the individual partial plans and their cause-and-effect relationships. Because integrated financial planning creates trust and reliability in the reported budget figures.

Strategic financial planning

The strategic simulation of key financial figures is becoming increasingly important in the context of digital transformation . Driver-based models are helpful here in order to approximately calculate the financial reports with just a few setting parameters. Enriched with a qualitative planning of measures, the strategic financial planning can have a high informative value and serve as a guard rail for operational (financial) planning.

Rolling financial planning

The rolling forecast combines planning and the actual worldand tries to take a constantly updated look at the financial future. At the functional level, the integration of the actual numbers, the permanent and simple versioning and version creation as well as the automatic pre-assignment of the new forecast (consisting of actual data and the last forecast) is one of the core requirements that we implement in projects.

At the core of a rolling financial planning is the profit and loss account (P&L) . All partial plans deliver their figures through account allocation. However, separate sub-areas such as financing costs or taxes can also be recorded in the income statement. What is important here is the clear separation of the information source in a uniform model and the workflow associated with ensuring that the origin of the data is always traceable and unambiguous.

The balance sheet planning in connection with the cash flow and other balance sheet figures is an important construct in an integrated financial planning. Balance sheet figures can be recorded as well as mathematically derived from the other planning (investments, personnel provisions …).

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Collaborative cost center planning and allocations

Allocations and internal cost allocations are an important pillar of financial planning in terms of forecasts and the actual figures. Different procedures can be easily implemented (simple allocation, multi-stage procedure, mutual internal cost allocations). What is important in the solution is the traceability of the calculation as well as the ability to freely choose the source, target and allocation key. With our solution, you are able to map even the most complex processes.

Umlagen und ILV sind sowohl in der Planung als auch in den Ist-Zahlen eine wichtige Stütze der Finanzplanung. Dabei sind unterschiedliche Verfahren einfach realisierbar (einfache Umlage, mehrstufiges Verfahren, gegenseitige ILV). Wichtig in der Lösung ist die Nachvollziehbarkeit der Berechnung wie auch die Möglichkeit, Quelle, Ziel und Umlageschlüssel frei zu wählen. Mit unserer Lösung sind Sie damit in der Lage, auch komplexeste Verfahren abzubilden.


Detecting impending liquidity bottlenecks or reserves early and quickly through a high level of topicality, quality and interlinking of all company areas is an indispensable control instrument . A coordinated cash plan is created through the integration of the various company divisions from sales and production / service to purchasing and accounting / treasury. This means that under- and overfunding can be identified in comparison with the credit lines, and a close control of the payment flows is ensured in daily operations. With our board-based module, you receive the necessary tools for software-supported weekly (daily / monthly if required) liquidity control as well as order-related liquidity planning for your company.

Investment planning

Investment planning is of course an important part of your integrated corporate planning. Use the possibilities of a modern planning solution to plan your investments directly, to calculate depreciation and to integrate all information directly into the financial planning. Often our customers also use the direct combination with project planning or strategic simulations in order to give investment planning even more weight in the long-term planning process.

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