Escape the information overload

... with the right analytics solution!

Escape the information overload

... with the right analytics solution!

Escape the information overload

... with the right analytics solution!

Analytics - but the right way!

For us, analytics is more than just a further development of classic BI and reporting systems. We support our customers holistically on the one hand with the technical definition of content and visualizations and on the other hand with the defining strategy, conception and orchestration of the resulting architecture. Everything is geared towards the goal of optimally supporting or automating decisions through data.

Of central importance when realizing new or optimising existing analysis solutions is the consideration of four elementary designs: Business, application, data and technical design. Each design has an individual overarching objective, as the following illustration demonstrates.

Business design – relevance

Whether you want to modernize an existing solution or introduce a completely new solution. The first step is the inventory and the definition of goals. This records the metrics with KPIs and dimensions and checks the availability of data. The requirements are defined by the user story (epic – theme – task). Responsibilities and governance guidelines are also defined.

Application design – intuitiveness

Basic style guides for the future analytics solution form the basis for the application design. Information design defines the basic look and feel (colours, graphics, displays, etc.) and storytelling defines drill paths and navigation in the individual dashboards. This ensures intuitive user guidance based on the user stories. Depending on the type of end user, different priorities are set:

Self Service

Guided Analytics

Standard Reporting


Data Design – agility

Due to the increasingly heterogeneous data sources, classic architectures (ERP DWH BI front end) can often no longer meet modern requirements. Therefore, modern architectures and data catalog solutions are important methods and tools that guarantee an agile and scalable expansion of the solution.

Technical design – scalability

Modern and smart architectures are the basis for all solutions and are therefore of key importance. The requirements have changed enormously in many ways in recent years, especially with regard to the volume and type of data to be stored. Nowadays there is hardly any getting around cloud solutions due to flexibility, scalability, functionality and, last but not least, costs. Orchestrating the right services and their integration and combination with the front-end tools is a complex task.

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