Can't you see the forest for the trees?

... then it's time for a data catalogue!

The data catalogue is the link between infrastructure and analysis

By merging data management and analyses, added value from the data and thus decisions can be made better and faster.

The data catalogue enables analysts to quickly discover and understand important data and patterns. You will learn where all your data is located and how it is used.
This will allow you to make a better assessment as to where it is worth investing more in optimisation and how a company-wide deployment can best be organised.

A data catalogue is essential for the future, as more and more data sources are created in the company itself and these must be used both in existing analyses, but also for predictive or machine learning purposes. Many companies use hybrid cloud structures in order to store their ever-increasing amount of data in an optimal and high-performance manner. These structures are registered in a data catalogue and can be found very quickly and effectively evaluated by analysts and data scientists.

Analytics (Data Catalog)
With a data catalogue, you get a better overview and structure and can create competitive analyses.
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Challenge: Where can I find the right data?

As a user, you want to create analyses using the self-service approach and often do not know exactly where the required data is stored and at what status it was loaded. You know that you have this valuable data in your company, but identifying it and filtering it out from the multitude of different sources, such as cloud structures and various company databases, is a major challenge for you.

This is where the data catalogue comes in. The data catalogue keeps an inventory of the data by identifying, describing and organising data records. Not only does this help you to find the data set you want, but it also helps you understand it and gain meaningful insights that will increase the value of your business.

With a data catalogue, you create data transparency and enable self-service for business analytics users.

Your benefits: Maximisation of the value of your data


  • You get all company data, from raw data to data ready for analysis
  • The intelligent data catalogue has all technical, operational and business metadata


  • Data selection as easy as shopping online at Amazon
  • Users can find, interpret and process data sets themselves
  • New data is added within a few hours
  • Wide reuse and collaboration possible


  • Comprehensive, proven functions for company-wide data management (security, governance, metadata and protection of sensitive data; support of current and new IT platforms)


  • All data are documented in a comprehensible and automated manner from the source to the analysis

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